Make Your Kodambakkam, Chennai Travel Fun With These Things

Kodambakkam is a business and residential town in the neighborhood in central Chennai.

The town is also known as K town because of the high concentration of South Indian film studios. The history of this town is about two thousand years ago. In the ruling period of the Pallavas and the Cholas, they formed the western part of the town with temples that have their own historical story. One such temple is Bharthukesavar. The town is popular because of film studios and the very first was established in 1948 by Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar. After that many more studios were established. If you are planning to visit this beautiful part of Chennai beauty. You must first know the things which you can do once reached. Sheetal khan Chennai escorts welcomes you to the kodambakkam region. Here our kodambakkam escorts are there to welcome you and make your life happy & satisfied. The Chennai escorts are very friendly and love meeting new people for fun. Take time from your schedule and head to these places with your sexy kodambakkam escort girls.
So, here are some of the places where you can visit Kodambakkam.

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation Is one of the major restaurants In the country. The restaurant mainly focuses on barbeque and grill visit Barbeque Nation in Vadapalani. Barbeque nation has non-barbecue menus which include mushroom, paneer, crispy corn, chicken drumsticks and also serves seafood like crabs. Complete your fun night in this delicious serving restaurant in

Vadapalani Murugan temple

This temple was built in 1890 and was renovated in the year 1920. The temple is quite popular in South Indian movies which also led to the population of the temple. The architectural style is inspired by the Dravidian. More than 7 thousand couples marry every year in this temple.
According to the history of South India, Anna Swami Nayakar who was a devotee of Muruga made the shed and by worshipping gained extra powers. You can visit this temple and take the blessings of Vadapalani Andavar.

Sri Krishna Gana sabha main hall

One of the oldest concert halls in Chennai. This all regularly hosts different programs throughout the year. The structure of the auditorium has vintage and Chettinad-style pillars. The entire structure of the hall will ultimately give you a feel of an old-style sabha hall as we see in movies based on our history. They all also have a canteen which is only opened at the time of
music season. To visit this sabha, you need to do the booking online along with the seat map of the hall.

Hotel Sarvana Bhavan

Hotel Saravana Bhavan is the largest restaurant chain on the theme of South Indian around the world which was founded in 1981 and located in the United nation colony Kodambakkam. This hotel does not have its branch in India but also across 22 countries in other continents like Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. If carving for South Indian food and want to try the best food you must visit the hotel Saravana Bhavan. If we go back in history the first branch that opened outside India was in 2000, in Dubai. Dubai has many Indian residents. South Indian food has gained popularity.

Shore temple

This temple was built in the eighth century by the Pallava dynasty. The temple comprises a total of three strengths of which one is large and the other two are small ones and dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vi, Vishnu, and ksatriyasimnesvara. The architectural style of this temple is inspired by Dravidian and has stone-cut building techniques. In 1984, the temple inscribed its name in the UNESCO World Heritage site 1984.

Ramakrishna Mutt temple

This temple is a universal temple which is dedicated to Ramakrishna who is ultimately a symbol of universal religion. The temple is popular because of its architectural style which combines Buddha Jaina and South Indian temples. It is one of the important temples in Kodambakkam. You can visit in the evening and attend Aarti, bhajans which are performed daily in devotion by the priests.

The govt. Museum, national art gallery, and Connemara library

This Government museum was established in 1851 and it is the second oldest museum in our country and also the 10th oldest museum in the world. The museum is popular because of its largest collection of Roman antiquities. The National Art gallery is also present in the museum which has an architecture style built in India Saracenic style. The National Art gallery includes Asian and European paintings from renowned artists. If you are interested in knowing the human history and culture this place will be worth visiting. Also, Connemara public library is an attraction for both locals and tourists.

Fort St. George

This fort is a live example of British colonial rule architecture. It is one of India’s oldest monuments built by the British originally it was a headquarters of the East India company and currently it is converted into a museum, historical landmark, and officials. Museum you will be seeing military uniforms soldiers who fought in the Indian subcontinent wars. Portraits of many royalties.

Marina beach

This beach is a combination of architecture, nature, and relaxation. To make your trip fun, visiting the beach is always a good decision. This beach is a long stretch of golden sands which overlooks the Bay of Bengal. This place is equally visited by residents and tourists. Visit Marina beach to experience mesmerizing sunsets and cheerful nature on the beach. You can also climb at the height of the lighthouse from where you can see the entire city view.

Kapaleeswarar temple

Located in Mylapore, which takes 20 minutes to drive from Kodambakkam. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of kapaleeshwar. The architectural design of the temple is an example of the Dravidian style. The rituals of the temple are performed six times a day by the priests of the Shaivite community. The rituals include Seethakalam at 6 o’clock, Kalasanthi at 9 o’clock, Uchikalam at 1 o’clock, Sayarakshai and Irandamkalam in the evening, and Ardha Jaman in the night.

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