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About Me:

Languages  English (Good), Hindi (Intermediate)
Orientation  Heterosexual
Height  163 cm / 5′3″
Ethnicity  Indian
Size 34-32-36
Bust  Large
Age  30
Shaved  full shaved
Smokes?  Yes
Hair Colour  Black
Nationality  Indian
Gender  Female
City  Chennai, India


One hour: 15000/-
Two hours: 30000/-
Full night: 45000/-
Whole day: 100000/-

Hello! I am Kavita Khan. I used to face the situational irony of having a dull job in one of the most crowded streets of T Nagar in Chennai. In the beginning, I almost hated that job and was about to quit. Then I started working part-time as a T Nagar escort for numerous clients who have money and are interested in some passionate love. My life changed overnight, and today it is full of fascinating experiences I feel every day and enjoy the company of great caring men.

I travel to different cities and eat delicious recipes from the blend of cuisines while with my clients. We make love in luxury and multiple-starred hotel rooms where sheets are white as salt and mattresses are soft as cotton. I love every single bit and piece of my new identity as a horny T Nagar escort with my life full of excitement, adventure and pleasure-seeking.

Hot and Chubby Kavita Khan is Ready to Mingle with You Tonight

My chubby figure invites men’s curiosity in me. My measurement is 32-30-34, the dream of most T Nagar escorts in Chennai. I have toned muscles that make my body curvy and gorgeous. I maintain my figure by having a very strict diet chart. I do so as I am well aware that in the kind of business I am in, I need to ensure my figure keeps attracting men.

My dark smoky eyes and round face is the first thing that men notice while I walk past them. Once they start to go down, their eyes become bright. My firm boobs and pointy nipples turn men restless. I believe they are made for men to fondle, squeeze and caress. If you go below, my busty buttocks will make a bulge in your pants. They are round and squishy. Every time I walked past a man or group of men, they would stare at my buttocks with wild thoughts. I also tease them by waddling them intentionally.
Believe me, I have gotten very enthralling reviews about my body from my clients. I look like a Roman goddess when ready for the lovemaking act. My beautiful butts and firm breasts can turn on even an older man. Do you want to see and fondle them? Well, you can do much more than that. Give me a call today, and I will reach your place tonight.

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