Nugambakkam escorts
Nugambakkam escorts

Sheetal Khan welcomes you to Nugambakkam Escorts in Chennai the heart of the city.

Nugambakkam is a place where you can find shopping malls, Local markets and restaurant’s.

At Nugambakkam Escorts we have Elite models who are always ready to meet you at one call.

We here at Nugambakkam always try to understand the client requirement and based on that we try to give our best.

We are open to meet our clients at there hotels after the booking confirmed, condition it is a star hotel.

All star hotel do not allow female guest, so when you book the room for two person.

In this when you come down to the lobby to pick me up no one would stop you .

Process to Book:

It is very simple, Call my booking office and talk to them or send the whats app team a message .

They will reply you back with all availability, you can select the one you wish to meet.

After that the booking office will call and talk to you in your room and then inform us.

We will then call you and talk to you and start from our place reach your hotel and call you.

Our charges are 15000/- to 25000/- for shot time and night starts from 30000/- to 45000/- depending on selection.

If you are planning for a long trip or 24 hours based please call and confirm the availability.

All our Nugambakkam Escorts are sweet lovable and caring female, so when you are with them you will feel like you are with your loved one.

So when ever you are alone or tired and need a company where you can feel like you are with our better half.

Do not forget to Call our Nugambakkam Escorts who is just a ring away from you.

Call us at 7845813619 and enjoy your evening with our models.