Sheetal khan welcomes you to Chennai escorts at the capital city of Chennai at the state of Tamil Nadu.

Let me tell you more about Chennai before I tell you about myself, Chennai is a beautiful place in South.

Chennai is both a Important Business hub as well as a vibrant cultural center of politics, music, dance, cinema, food.

We have seen many top artist who has come from Chennai who has proved to be a best actor, musician, political spokesmen or business tycoon.

Now coming back to talk more about me and Chennai escorts which you can find in Chennai is also entertainment.

As told being a important business hub we have people from different cities and states staying and working in Chennai.

So what happens is after a whole day hard work people get back home, now all those having family get busy with family, and all those are single get busy in pub or disc for some refreshment.

I as a Chennai escorts try to mingle with such single and try to company them for a drink or dinner and make them feel that they are not alone in this city.

Telling about myself I and my friends are down to earth person completed and and working with a well know MNC company.

For fun and enjoyment and to get some extra income we love to meet new people in Chennai who are take care of our expenses on a one night stand base.

All our Chennai escorts including me are from well to do family and do this on our own to fulfill our desire and passion.

We all are well educated and we also join parties and club ( only if we know you) we know how to carry our-self in front of your friends.